Thanks to mom holding on for a few more minutes, Madison Rose has the coolest birthday ever.

You see, last Thursday was 9/19/19. It's a palindrome. That's when a word, a phrase or a sequence reads the same backwards as forwards. It's kinda neat.

Anyway, according to the Sun Journal, Andrew Smithgall and his wife, Erin, were due to give birth at 9 a.m.



Doctors at Central Maine Medical Center asked if she wanted to delay the birth until 9:19 a.m. on Thursday 09/19/19. That would give the baby the birthday of...

09/19/19 9:19 a.m.


That is pretty cool. And it's gotta be lucky.

At least that's what dad thinks and bought two scratch tickets, and won 20 dollars on each ticket, according to the newspaper!

I imagine that this kid's head will be rubbed for luck at every family gathering. Perhaps even little Madison will be like a Buddah and just her mere presence will be lucky.

Either way, she's a beautiful healthy baby girl. Congrats Drew and Erin!

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