I'm pretty sure everybody in the entire universe who follows Barstool would agree that deep dish, Sicilian-style pizza like the kind Slab in Portland, Maine, serves is 2,000 percent not in Dave Portnoy's wheelhouse.

That doesn't make their pizza bad, it's just not his usual thin crust "under-carriage" he likes to review.

This is why nobody can understand the curve ball he threw us when he agreed to review this place. It felt more awkward than a first Bumble date where you get catfished.

However, Maine must have really gotten to Dave's ego in the comment sections after he posted his reviews from OTTO (7.1), Flatbread (6.8), and Monte's (8.4).

We went so hard on pressuring him to try this place that god honest, he must have just done it for our entertainment.

Slab is one of Maine's favorite pizza places for sure, but its thick crust is truly the complete opposite of the pizza style this dude usually likes to review. It was even named one of the best in the entire country by Daily Meal.

If you ask me, it was a setup for failure since he gave it a 6.6 making them fall behind Flatbread, but here he goes.

I mean hey, at least none of Slab's cashiers yelled out that he'd probably prefer a different pizza place like the chick at Otto's in Portland did, so they've got that going for them.

My favorite part of this vid is how he describes what eating this slice feels like.

A direct quote from big daddy Portnoy himself:

"Slinging and eating Sicilian street food in Venice while walking down the street and seeing the sights."

Actually, wait, my other favorite part is when he tells us the older you get, the more you need to cut Adderal out of your life. Pizza and lessons on this one. Thanks, Dave.

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