At this point, Dave Portnoy for president. I mean, Miss Peaches has humanized this man so much that it's making me want to believe literally anything he says, including that these two New England cities (according to him), are amongst the top five in the world.

In a TikTok Barstool TV interview, Portnoy was asked what the top five pizza cities in the world are. He immediately mentions New England without a second thought. More specifically, New Haven, Connecticut. I mean, all Connecticut is to me is a bunch of traffic, but as I said earlier, Dave can now do no harm in my eyes, which now gives New Haven a new reputation.

He puts New York City at number two and Boston at number three, which I have to agree with (I love my Pizzeria Regina's). Dave then chalks up the rest of his five as New England as a whole. The guy's bred in New England. He's loyal. Just not so loyal to Alex's Pizza in Topsfield, Massachusetts. That one actually received the lowest score in New England's pizza review history, which you can read about here.

A side note: here's a full list of all the Maine and New Hampshire pizza places Dave reviewed last year, in case you missed it.

Here are all the Maine and New Hampshire pizza spots that he has reviewed so far:

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