Here's what Barstool's Dave Portnoy does with pizza in a nutshell.

He visits a different restaurant for every pizza review, buys a large cheese pizza, and then goes outside and eats it on the sidewalk.

It's truly amazing how we all just sit back and watch the entire review, just waiting for how high or how low he's going to rate the pizza.

Tons of pizza places all over the map have positively benefited from Portnoy's One Bite Pizza reviews. Truthfully, even when he ranks a spot super low, he's still putting the business on the map (he's also been known to donate to them).

Either way, he is anything but shy when it comes to giving out low scores. He calls it like he sees it, and you gotta respect it.

So which pizza place in New England was ranked the lowest by Barstool Sports in 2023?

Dave gave Alex's Pizza in Topsfield, Massachusetts, the lowest score in New England in 2023.

If you missed the review, check this out, because he throws in a surprise roast beef review I wasn't ready for:

There are a couple of questions here. After looking this spot up, it's clearly known for its roast beef sandwiches, not 'za. Is that an unfair advantage? The place is literally called Alex's Roast Beef.

At least he gave the roast beef a 9.9. Even though the pizza had a low score, I'm gonna go ahead and guess he still did some good marketing for this place.

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