So, if you're looking for lifesavers, look no further than Baxter Academy's robotics students as they entered a competition in which they could create lifesaving products for COVID-19 survivors.

These students only in high school placed in the top 7, with the other 6 being top-notch colleges, according to News Center Maine.

They created an over-the-counter ventilator system valued at over $1500 from scratch, using everything they had learned in their high school robotics course, the news station reported.

Inspired by the early spring shortage of ventilators that swept the nation as COVID-19 was ramping up, they wanted to make a product that people could use in case of emergency, according to News Center Maine.


"One thing that inspired us was Maine being a world state; if there were a shortage of ventilators, we would be more susceptible to that, so we wanted to create our own solution." One of the students said to the news station, recognizing what the inspiration was behind the creation.

Another cool thing about the ventilator system is that if it falls, it's designed not to hurt the patient at all and was put together with items that they say can be purchased 'over the counter,' according to News Center Maine.

If you're looking for the future geniuses of the world that will create world-saving devices, these students at Baxter Academy definitely have you covered, and it's right here in Portland ME.

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