The Holidays this year will suck hands down, and many of our traditions have been stripped away.

Black Friday shopping, regular Christmas shopping, and gathering for the holidays is even in question.

As the CDC says, In-home holiday parties could cause the third covid surge in the United States. Which begs the question, is going home for the Holidays even worth it this year?

Some relatives are getting covid tests just for the sake of meeting up with each other, and that's very courteous, but let me ask you this is a hard profound question.

Do you even like these people you're going to see for the Holidays? Is it worth getting a test for? Because if you don't, you should stay home and have yourself a chicken dinner.

Not to mention the fact that you may or may not. Enjoy the company of cousin Susan. Let's run down a list of all the things people will bring up at the table. 

  1. Trump: Because he has woven his way into every facet of our lives.  
  2. Politics: Because of Trump, for or against 
  3. Raising Kids: "You let your kids play video games?" 
  4. Fake compliments: "Mom, your potato salad is out of sight.. " 
  5. Old racist/ sexist uncle: (you know how he can be) 
  6. Uncomfortable questions: Why can't you keep a man? 
  7. Insults: "you have put on some weight there.." 

I realize I may be writing this from a cynical perspective, but there's no rule edged in stone that says you have to see these people every year on the same two days.

Covid is already a stressful time. Take some time off and enjoy your own holiday. Your stress level is already at Defcon 3, do not push it off the cliff.

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