It looks like the University of Maine Orono campus outbreak has hit about ten staff members, none of whom have been hospitalized, according to

The University plans to isolate all 240 members of the facilities department and test further, the news article reports.

The state of Maine's numbers for positive coronavirus cases has been growing exponentially for the past month as it has gone through school systems workplaces restaurants, including recently several in the old port section of Portland. The numbers increasing steadily in Maine have also pushed back high school sporting events.

"We are hopeful that all individuals in our communities who have tested positive and are afflicted or impacted by COVID-19 will have good health and rapid recovery, and will experience quarantine and isolation periods that progress easily," UMaine President Joan Ferrini-Mundy said to

Last month when Doctor Birx visited South Portland, she referenced that even though Maine has very low numbers compared to other states, we can't be lax about our precautions. If we're not testing or (because), we don't have any symptoms. The virus will just spread silently.

That being said, please make to continue to take precautions to slow the spread of this illness.


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