Having a new puppy, I have recently had to find a place to take Casco so she can run free off her leash. It HAS to be an enclosed area, since she isn't quite coming back when she is called. Found the perfect place that was pretty close to home! 

I had never even heard of the Quarry Run Dog Park - but a whole lot of people had. We met people from Buxton, Gorham, Portland...everyone agreed - best dog park ever! I know that Casco (our 20 week old labradoodle)  had the best time ever! Just walking to the park was fun for Casco as she found a big stick!

It's open from dawn to dusk and it's free! There are seven acres of fenced in play space and a smaller fenced in area inside the seven acres for small breed dogs. The property is also part of the Portland Trails System. That means, there is about 20 acres of unfenced walking trails behind the park for leash walking and exploring. Awesome place to bring a dog! Just remember to clean up after Fido and keep it nice for everyone.