If you have kids, you know the sweetest words are 'kids eat free' and this deal is amazing!


I have taken advantage of one of the best deals several times. It's Ricetta's in Falmouth.


Kids (2 with a paying adult) get to order off the kids menu or do the buffet. Oh, it's buffet alll the way! There's tons of different pizza, salads, fruit, dessert, soup...it's an amazing deal...because it's ALL YOU CAN EAT! They are always slammed on Mondays (the day kids eat free 3p-9p) and the service is spectacular. I always feel bad for everyone there.

That's my go to, when I just can't cook. But there are other kids eat free deals out there!

On Mondays at Gritty's in Portland (only) kids eat free off the kids menu as long as there is one adult that orders off the regular menu. You can have up to 4 kids at a table, 12 and under.

There are so many great deals for kids eating free, that there is actually a Facebook page!


Do you know of a great kids eat free deal? Share and maybe I can go a whole week without cooking!


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