Football season. Also known as, lose your boyfriend/husband season.

Is there really anything better than going to your favorite bar for an ice cold beer while you watch football? I'm sure your favorite dive has already immediately come to your mind just now while reading this sentence.

If you live in Maine, I wonder how many of you just thought Fore Play in Portland as yours? I wouldn't say it's my first choice out of the entire state of Maine, but apparently is saying otherwise.

Fore Play Sports Pub was named the best sports bar in Maine, according to that website, which named the best sports bars across the country. Now, I'm going to assume this survey was answered by a bunch of twenty-somethings since that's the age demo you're most likely going to run into when you walk in. says that they used "a combination of reviews, recommendations, awards, social media buzz, and more" to come up with their picks.

I will say, Fore Play has tons of TVs each playing different sports games if you ask them to. That's always a plus. Another plus is their mini game room towards the back that has a full pool table, air hockey, and a couple of other things you can bet with your friends over.

My favorite sports bar to watch football at is located at my house, right off of my kitchen ave on couch street.

However, if I do end up wanting to go out for the games over the weekend, my friends and I tend to choose Three Dollar Dewey's on Commercial St.

Where's your favorite sports bar in Maine?

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