In addition to being known for their amazing food, Binga's in Windham is always bringing the topical and the funny with their sign.

With everyone staying at home to flatten the curve, Netflix binging is way up. One show in particular that has received a lot of attention is Tiger King.

In a nutshell, the show follows a guy by the name of Joe Exotic who ran a zoo in Oklahoma focused on big cats.

The show is too crazy to fully explain but you can expect a murder for hire plot, a tiger ripping off an employee's arm, arson, the disappearance of an ex-husband, a gubernatorial run, meth, an accidental shooting, and so much more.

Binga's latest sign, inspired by the hatred of a woman named Carole Baskin, puts the blame of the new coronavirus squarely on her shoulders.

We've officially left the era of saying "Thanks Obama" when something goes wrong and entered into blaming Carole Baskin.

Binga's in Windham is still open for take-out during this time.

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