This whole dancing craze at Binga's in Windham, Maine, has become so popular that it may end up as big as, or maybe even bigger, than the legend of their hilarious signs.

Binga's in Windham, Maine

We go through it countless times when writing articles about this place -- when you think of Binga's in Windham, you think of delicious eats, of course, but not before you think of how amazing their signs are.

Hilarious, sarcastic, heartfelt, referencing pop culture, making fun of the insults they get on social media -- Binga's signs literally cover it all. But early last week, they took a whole new spin when they decided to offer a brand new discount in a fun way.

Binga's Windham via Instagram
Binga's Windham via Instagram

We already highlighted how the very first day of the 10% discount dancing at Binga's was pretty successful, highlighted by a woman walking into Binga's that day doing some kind of shimmy with a "whatever" shrug at the end, all capped off by wearing a sweater with smiley face emojis covering it.

And sure, that was cute and it was nice some people played along, and we thought maybe it would end there. Maybe Binga's had their fun with posting a few Mainers dancing through the door to save some cash, and that was that.

Binga's Dancing Discount Videos

Except that wasn't even close to being that. Because then day two happened with grown men doing Fortnite dances...

...and day three with a man leading a conga line that consisted of, well, himself...

...and day four with a woman slow dancing with a throw pillow and a guy doing the Jersey Turnpike on a whiskey barrel...

...and day five, where during a downpour a dude danced with his umbrella...

...and day six, where a customer wouldn't stop twerking in the entry way until everyone in the restaurant looked at them backing it up...

...and finally the last video as of this writing, day seven, where a guy started off with the Charleston and ended with using his leg as a guitar.

And, quite honestly, like "teellc77" commented on one of the posts on Binga's Insta:

This has been so fun to watch! Keep ‘em coming!

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