I recently heard of this and had absolutely no idea what it was. I am trying this new thing called, being more of an adult. It entails knowing more about things I didn't know about before. The journey towards becoming more of an informed adult has led me to "Blue Laws" in Maine. The goal is to be prepared, that way, if my son or someone asks me what something is, I don't need to grab for Google right away. This is one of those things I wanted to know.

If you're on a similar quest to adulthood, I welcome you to join me.  the same boat and want to be more of an adult, let's learn together.

What are Maine's Blue Laws?

The definition of a blue law is a law stopping certain activities, such as shopping, on a Sunday or holiday.

Apparently, not a lot of states have these laws. We are one of the lucky ones.

According to News Center Maine, blue laws restrict the sale of automobiles on Sundays as well as regulating and prohibiting hunting on Sundays.

Moreover, blue laws in the state also enforce the closure of many retail shops on the biggest holidays: Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving.

So, you can't hunt on Sundays and if you need to grab a last minute gift or food item at one of the specific stores that are close on a holiday, you're out of luck in Maine. Make sure you read up on your Blue Laws and understand what exactly they are prohibiting.

This is super interesting, blue laws were first established hundreds of years ago for Sabbath because this law had religious reasons behind it.

According to Wikipedia, the Roman Emperor Constantine created this as a law in A.D. 321 that said people should rest on Sunday which means "the Day of the Sun" and all workshops should be closed.

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