Not even four months ago, the Teddy Roosevelt-themed cocktail bar called Sagamore Hill had its grand opening in Portland. This wood-filled taxidermist's heaven offered an array of fancily crafted cocktails, bowls of snack food and a thrilling throwback ambiance. But now, anyone hoping to visit the presidential hangout will have to wait a while.

Sagamore Hill posted a note to their Instagram last week announcing that they'll be taking a hiatus for a few weeks while they resolve some clerical errors in their business licensing paperwork. Needless to say, their previous post about completing some research and development for the fall menu coming out September 1st is no longer the plan.

Previous to the closure announcement, the bar had posted teasers for their fall cocktail menu, including this topically titled one, the Dark & Stormy Daniels.

Here's another - the Louisiana Purchase, featuring a decorative (and pungent!) thyme twig perched on top.

It's a bit unclear as to exactly when they'll reopen or what the issue with their business license is, but hopefully everything will be back in order shortly and we can expect the complex cocktails to return.




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