One of Maine's oldest continuously operating drive-in movie theaters is opening this weekend for its 63rd season.

The Bridgton Drive-In originally opened in 1956 on Route 302 and was bought by the Tevanian family in 1971 and has been operated by them ever since. Originally a single screen, a second screen was added in 2000 and digital projectors in 2014. While other drive-ins have struggled to survive, Bridgton Twin Drive-In has weathered the storms of home video, home theaters, IMAX and changing demands from movie studios to be a popular movie spot for families in Western Maine.

This weekend they're opening with Avengers: End Game on screen 2 Friday and Saturday night. Screen 1 is not open for the season yet as the ground is still a little too soft, but is bound to be open soon.


The opening film for last year's season just so happened to be part one of the tale of Thanos wiping out half the universe with a snap of his fingers, Avengers: Infinity War. 

If you're planning to go this weekend, just remember it's cash only and no alcohol or smoking is allowed on the grounds per state law. That includes in your car. Showtime is at 8:15.

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