The night club known for its antiques, old school lunch boxes and light up dance floor right out of Saturday Night Fever celebrates 60 years of Portland nightlife this month.

Robert “Bubba” Larkin opened his first bar on Lancaster Street in Portland in 1959 and according to Bubba's website, moved to its present location on Portland street in 1961 and has remained there ever since. Portland nightclubs have come and gone, but Bubba's has remained the most popular place to dance in Portland.

According to a 2016 article by Downeast Magazine, the "Sulky" in the name comes from the fact that Bubba owns race horses and a sulky is the jockey cart that is pulled in harness racing.

The highlight of the Bubba's dance experience is the light up dance floor. It's easily the most Instagrammed feature of Bubba's with everyone wanting to get a picture or video of their feet dancing on the floor as the lights flash to the music. Get there early to secure your spot on the floor.

It's a club that is stuck in the 80s and no one would have it any other way, no matter if they lived through the decade or not. Bubba's sign touting "80TIES DANCE PARTY EVERY FRIDAY" still gets a good laugh.

The Mayor of Portland Street has created a legendary Portland nightlife experience with Bubba's Sulky Lounge. Let's hope it continues for another 60 years.

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