Talk about a unique date idea! I'll be honest, I'm upset I didn't come across this place sooner. It looks like it's so much fun. And who doesn't love an activity night where you can also enjoy a cocktail?

What is a Terrarium?

For those of you that landed here and don't know exactly what the word 'terrarium' means, describes it as:

"Terrariums are miniature gardens housed inside small, sealable glass containers.

As fully functioning plant ecosystems, they’re mostly self-sustaining. The plants water themselves through transpiration and condensation.

The origins of the name come from the Latin terra (“earth”) +‎ arium (a place or receptacle). Like an aquarium, just for plants and earth instead of fish and water".

Now that we had our quick lesson, and you're the earthy, creative type of person that takes an interest in this stuff, you're in luck! You can build your own right in downtown Portland!

This is Terrarium, right in the heart of the Old Port. There's a couple things that make this place unique.

You can bring your own plants to build! It's like a BYOB, but make it a BYOP (bring your own plants). Speaking of BYOB though, Terrarium allows you to sip on your choice of adult beverages. They even offer Kambucha, which is the most non-surprising (and yummy) thing you could sell in a place where you construct little plants into little glass bottles.

Anyways, go have fun!

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