Businesses in Maine are struggling to stay open because they just can't get help...


Waldo's, a neighborhood convenience store in Falmouth, with food and gas had to close early on days this winter because of no help. They used to be open seven days a week - but now they are closed Sundays.




WMTW just reported that long time restaurant Rosa Linda's just closed after 37 years. The owners said in part, it's because of a lack of workers.

This work shortage has been a problem for Maine for a few years now. Fat Boys in Brunswick, and Mr. Bagel on Forest Avenue in Portland have also had to change hours and close early due to lack of employees.

Businesses just aren't run like they were 10-15 years ago. Minimum wage has also been hard for some companies to keep up with.

If you have noticed a favorite place of yours not open, it may be because they just can't get the help they need to stay open.