This is the kind of thing that just shouldn't be happening in Maine, especially in a town like Buxton. Police are searching for a man who was captured on surveillance video robbing Low's Variety in Bar Mills at gunpoint.

Luckily the cashier at the store is okay, but probably shaken up quite a bit after the suspect, wearing a black ski-mask walked into the store around 5:30 on Saturday afternoon and showed what looked like a handgun to the cashier while putting a black and red backpack on the counter and demanding cash. This all takes place in the span of 30 seconds before the robber runs out of the store, last seen running toward the Salmon Falls area.

Buxton Police along with the Maine State Police and a K-9 unit from Old Orchard didn't find the robber, but they did find a black ski mask and an Airsoft gun that can easily be mistaken for the real thing.

The man is described by police as a "possible white male with a slender build," but no other description available. All that is known is the person was wearing a black sweatshirt, black gloves, black full-face mask, olive green pants, and brown hiking shoes.

Officially he has to be called a "suspect" because that's the way our justice system works. Innocent until proven guilty, but lets be honest here. You're caught on video dude and even though you went to great lengths to conceal your identity, police will find you.

You can see the photos of the suspect in the Facebook post here from the Buxton Police Department and if you have any leads, give them a call at 207-929-6612.

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