Something new popped up online today in the Sea Dogs store that had me scratching my head for a minute trying to figure out what it was.

If you've never been to the official shop at Hadlock Field or visited the merchandise store at, your missing out on some really cool stuff that every Sea Dogs fan should get their hands on.

There are replica jerseys that can make you feel like a major league player, hats, baseballs, and even Slugger the Sea Dog plushies.

The Sea Dogs are always adding new stuff to their store that fans will love and today, they added a brand new item for sale. This one puzzled me for a second when I saw it when scrolling through my Facebook feed.

Portland Sea Dogs via Facebook
Portland Sea Dogs via Facebook

Obviously, this is Slugger, but I've never seen him look quite like this.

My first guess was that it was a sock puppet, which I thought was a pretty cool idea for some Sea Dogs merch. What kid doesn't love Slugger? And how much fun could they have putting on their own puppet show with their very own Slugger puppet?

Then I thought, maybe it's an actual sock with Slugger's head? That didn't seem very practical to me. Then I took the time to actually read the caption with the photo on Facebook and discovered it's a golf club cover.

As someone who has never golfed beyond a 9-hole mini-golf course, the fact that it was a golf club cover never dawned on me. Pretty cool though!

If you want to get your own to cover your club, bat, or use it as a sock puppet, which sounds totally legit to me, just head over to the Official Sea Dogs store and grab one now.

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