I've never thought I look like my father. I don't think many of us really feel we look like our parents. In recent years though, people that know both of us and haven't seen me in a long time say, "You look so much like your dad." I still never believed it.

Then today, I saw this picture posted in the Norway, Maine 1950-1970 Facebook group and I finally saw it.

It's a picture taken in 1972 published in the local newspaper of two teachers from the Guy E. Rowe school retiring. They're the women in the middle. One of the men, is my father, and for the first time in my life, I saw myself. Can you guess which one is my dad?

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I was just a year old at the time this photo was taken. My brother hadn't even been born yet and my dad was younger than I am today.

It's not the man on the far left. I remember him from third grade as the principal of Guy E. Rowe in Norway.

The two in the middle, I don't know or don't remember.

But the man on the right I recognized instantly as my dad looking a lot like me. Actually I guess that would be the other way around wouldn't it?

In 1972, my dad was teaching social studies at Oxford Hills High School and also happened to be the Teachers Association president, which is why he's in the photo.

Next time someone sees me and says "You look just like your dad." I'll finally believe them and proudly say, "Yes I do."

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