This comes as a complete and utter mystery to me. I guess the whole point of this blog is to see if anyone out there was a witness. I understand that people do stupid things, but this is ignorantly unnecessary. I mean, why would anybody find satisfaction in vandalizing someone's property, especially when it's completely unwarranted?

While I was surfing the Portland Facebook Page, I saw a bunch of photos of different cars posted from the same parking garage, all with broken windshields. There was one common denominator: smashed right through them was a cinderblock. It looks like a random attack on innocent people's cars for absolutely no reason. Has anybody heard or seen what I'm talking about?

The thing is, the post is now deleted, and I can't find the photos or any more details. This also leads me to believe there's a bigger story developing, so I'm just going to stay out of it, hehe. OR, maybe it was all fake and I got click-baited. Either way, I need to know, because it's been consuming my brain if this story was as real as it looked. I love the internet!

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