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Winter is coming... just not yet.

It's fall in Maine, so that means the leaves have been changing color from green to the crisp colors of red, yellow and orange.

Oh, and they've been covering your lawn. Don't worry, it'll be a breeze cleaning up your yard this fall thanks to these handy tools.


Garden Leaf Rake

Start cleaning up the leaves with a classic: a rake. This particular one can adjust from a length of 43 to 66 inches and is easy enough to get under bushes or just collecting them all into one giant pile.


Electric Leaf Blower

Maybe you just want to blow all the leaves away. This electric blower has a 7-amp motor, making for a powerful and efficient blowing performance. And it's pretty lightweight at under 5 pounds.


3-Pack 72 Gallons Reusable Garden Waste Bags

After making those big piles, you're gonna want to move them so you can see your green lawn once again. This three pack of reusable waste bags means you won't have to toss the bags with the leaves. And at 72 gallons, that's a lot of leaves!


The Ultimate Mulcher Electric Leaf Shredder

Once you have all those leaves together, you obviously want to get rid of them. But with this leaf shredder, you can recycle your waste. And now you have mulch perfect for your garden.


Large Hand Held Rakes

Forget long rakes, these hand-held ones make for fast and easy leaf removal. It's got hand protection from rosebushes and weeds, and gets the job done quickly and without any mess.