What I love about Cans for a Cure is how it inspires people to help as much as possible...like Karen at IDEXX.


Karen has organized getting bottles and cans behind the scenes for months now. But she wants to go bigger.

So, IDEXX will be holding a bottle drive on April 24th encouraging all employees to bring in their bottles. They have even gotten Love Kupcakes to donate cupcakes for those that bring in bottles and cans!

Love Kupcakes
Love Kupcakes

But then we had the situation of what do we do with all those bottles and cans? I don't think that I could get them all with the Q Van....

That's where Clynk comes in. They are one of our biggest supporters for Cans for a Cure. Without them, well...we just wouldn't be able to raise the amount of money we do for breast cancer victims, survivors and their families.

They volunteered one of their trucks to stay at IDEXX all day Tuesday the 24th and collect them.

Thank you to both Karen, IDEXX, Love Kupcakes and Clynk - you make it possible to reach our goal of collecting 2 million bottles and cans for The Center in South Portland. By the way, 2 million bottles and cans equals 100,000 dollars - our biggest goal yet!


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