We all have a pile of clothes we never wear ,but for some reason keep them around "just in case." We all have the furniture that's collecting dust in the garage that we could probably get rid of, but "one day might need".

I don't know who needs to tell you this, but start giving away your clutter and you might even make a profit from your old belongings if you do it the right way.

Consignment shops are a great answer for making a couple bucks off of your belongings that you no longer need or want. However, I've learned recently that there's unwritten rules you may not know about if you're new to selling your clothes, furniture, or accessories to consignment shops.

This list might be helpful for you if you're in the market for cleaning out your space and are interested in trying your hand at consignment.

Kiplinger.com put together a list of the top five things that don't sell well in consignment shops, and this is what they said:

TV armoires. No one wants armoires anymore, because today’s large-screen TVs don’t fit in them.

China and china cabinets. Most won’t even take china because there is no demand for it. It has to be a complete set that is contemporary. Considering that people aren’t buying china, there’s no demand for china cabinets, either.

Rugs. People tend to think that rugs are worth a lot of money, but places rarely take them because they’re difficult to get clean enough to sell. If you have a rug that is truly valuable, Scott says that you’re better off taking it to a rug dealer.

Brass items. Brass is out, so don’t bother trying to sell it on consignment.

Figurines. Sorry, but you probably won’t have any luck unloading those figurines you inherited from your grandmother at a consignment store. They just don’t sell.

On the other hand, Kiplinger also said that upholstered items, wooden furniture, buffet tables, and random accessories are most likely to sell the best. Check out a full list of items here.

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