Well, I can say that I have never been arrested, and have not mugshot out there. I know, pretty surprising to me too! But you know, some people just cannot resist making an unforgettable mugshot to be funny. More so when the charge is not TOO serious. This gentleman arrested over the weekend in Danville, NH decided to hold nothing back in his mugshot. #LOL

According to WMUR Channel 9, 27 year old Selket Taylor was driving through New Hampshire yesterday when he was pulled over by a police officer. The Officer was sent to charge him with driving while using your cellphone when he also noticed another 'doozie'. The driver had a bag of weed in his cup holder. Taylor was taken in to the station, and got booked and charged for both misdemeanors. I am pretty sure Mr. Taylor had already partaken in his 'herbal refreshment' when he was pulled over, cause his mugshot proves it!

What do you think: Winner or Loser??

WMUR Channel 9
WMUR Channel 9


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