Can Tarsha from Saco keep the family off Fortnite...every day she does, she wins prizes. Today is the last day - and it's a snow day!

This is Tarsha, 7-year-old Blake, 11-year-old Kimber and 33-year-old Tony. That's Tarsha holding the controls to Fortnite!

Tarsha Goulet

What's Fortnite? Great's a video game that is HUGE and played by...well, everyone in Tarsha's family!


The good news is that Mom is unplugging everyone and she gets goodies every day she can say NO! She's gone through three days and picked up some great prizes so far. She's got unlimited skating at The Rink at Thompson's Point, a mani/pedi from Head Games in Portland, tickets to see Jeff Dunham in March in Portland, 4 tickets to the Portland Symphony Orchestra's Magic of Christmas and...

Today's prize is...


Let it Snow event is back starting Black Friday at Springer's!

Springer's Jewelers


Good luck Tarsha! If she can get through today, the family will get VBucks! What the heck are VBucks? It's money that you can use to buy incredibly stupid necessary things to make Fortnite even more fun!