Birthday week, parents' visit, girl scout cookies. They're all delicious food events in our lives that we look forward to every year. But when all three collide in one solitary week, a week that you had also hoped to curb your junk food intake before starting a new workout routine, you're in trouble.

That's what I discovered this week as I compiled all the leftovers from last week and the weekend, and created this pile I have dubbed "Nope Mountain":


We've got Oreos, folks. We've got Thin Mints. We've got Peeps, Godiva caramels, and leftover German Chocolate Cake. And that's not counting the ice cream in the fridge and a whole lot of leftover booze. Granted, it's the best problem a person could have, but it's a problem nonetheless. I cannot eat it. But I couldn't possibly bring myself to waste it! Anyone wanna roll me into my workout with a personal trainer on Thursday? He's gonna be shaking his head while I shake my belly. but WASTE NOT, they say! Especially chocolate.

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