Dear Diary,

As the world knows by now... Apple has introduced a brand new iPhone. Yes... another new iPhone. Seriously. *rolls eyes*

Credit: Apple
Credit: Apple


Originally I was reluctant to purchase my iPhone back in 2013... but I was due for an upgrade and the iPhone 4 was only $1... because they were trying to get rid of them.

Up until the most recent iOS upgrade... my phone was functioning reasonably well. But, I've run out of memory even with my skeleton crew of apps. So I can't even update my phone... Ugh.

So, now with the new iPhone 6 coming out... I know that my iPhone will become obsolete. I won't be able to update apps as newer versions come out with the newer phones. Like seriously... I have this phone... and it shouldn't become obsolete. My phone shouldn't brick before it actually dies. Maybe I'll go back to a "dumb-phone" and just use it for texting... since I have a Nexus 7 tablet which functions GREAT! Maybe I'll complete my transition and move completely over to Android powered devices because I've heard less people bitch and complain about their phones crapping out when newer models appear on the market. End rant.

Anyways... I wanna know how YOU feel about this. Will you be getting the new iPhone, toughing it out with your current phone, or are you from the other side and love your Android device?

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