I didn't even know what a 'golden birthday' was. I found out that I MISSED MINE


First let's cover what a golden birthday is. According to dictionary.com:

golden birthday. noun. a person's birthday when they turn the age of their birth date. It was my golden birthday when I turned 25 on the 25th or when I turned 54, since I was born in 1954.


I missed it...well, the good one. The one that is the day the same as your age! I was born 09/12/1965. My golden birthday was when I turned 12. Trust me, that was a pretty big, VERY memorable birthday - but it could have been so much more had my parents celebrated GOLDEN birthdays!

SIDENOTE: On my 12th birthday, my best friend Lisa Bates rode her horse Fat Albert to my house...bareback. She asked if I wanted to ride Fat Albert. I said sure. SIDENOTE INSIDE A SIDENOTE: Fat Albert was named that because that damn horse was huge! I get on said horse, and Mr. Fat Albert was having none of it and galloped at 90 mph home. Lisa lived six miles away. I fell off about a quarter of a mile down our dirt gravel driveway. I still have gravel in my shoulder.




Back to golden birthdays. I only know about golden birthdays because of my friend Shannon who is from Wisconsin. She LOVES golden birthdays! She wonders if Mainers celebrate golden birthdays.

So...do you? I'm technically from Idaho and technically I don't count because my parents weren't nuts for birthdays. I could just have missed the boat on this one - but truly, I've never even heard of it before...


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