This morning, I complained about having to shave and vacuum my back. Ever been there? Don't worry, I'm talking about the back of my sweatshirt. I got a brand new one last week and made a mistake of washing it with a towel. PILL CITY CENTRAL, FOLKS. My beautiful navy blue sweatshirt was covered in tiny orange fur balls, giving me no choice but to spend an hour plus combing over it was a razor to remove the stubborn fuzz, then vacuum and sticky roll the whole sweatshirt to remove the detached rolls.

Then, my good ol' cohost Jeff Parsons changed my life.

"Michelle has one of these," he said, showing me this contraption on Amazon.

Have you ever seen this thing? Apparently it's an invention for the entire process of shaving/lint rolling/vacuuming pilled clothes. An all-in-one battery-powered machine, it both detaches fuzz with three spinning blades and then SUCKS THEM UP and stores them inside the box!

How cool is that?! Lori ordered one on Amazon so we can try it out. If only I'd known about this solution before I spent all yesterday afternoon shaving my sweatshirt...