Driving down Congress the other day, Lori and I glanced over to see something that made us both do a double take before Lori came to and yelled, "Get out your phone! Take a video! TAKE A VIDEO!!"

This, friends, is what we spotted:

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

A dapper gentleman in a wheelchair? What's so video-worthy about that? But wait, there's more. See his legs? This man is *pedaling* his wheelchair like a bike in an amusingly ironic use of innovation.

Check out the video I took between giggles and parked cars:

Hats off to this man for taking an existing invention and completely reversing its role in a simple stroke of genius. I don't know if he built it himself or got it secondhand, but he certainly deserves props for all the double takes he's causing wheelin' about town in his bikechair.

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