Halloween is either Ghostbusters or 'It'.


Halloween is one of those holidays that is so uber popular because I think it can be molded to be any holiday you want. It can be kid-centric with the little ones dressing up in adorable outfits about to have the best sugar high of their life. Or it can be super adult-oriented with adults about to have the biggest buzz of their life. Either way, when done right, it's so fun. I saw something that fit the creepy category and the silly category. First the creepy. Thanks to Stephen King, this simple gesture says it all!


I love this and was super creeped out by it! All I could hear was that damn clown voice saying, 'Georgie'...ugh.

But then I was driving on 295 and got off the Franklin Street exit. As I'm sitting at the light at on the corner of Franklin Street and Marginal Way in Portland, I see something that makes me go out of my way to catch up to it! This goes into the category of silly fun that made me smile from ear to ear!

Wait for it...


I know it's goofy, but I love those stupid tube things that are always at grand openings and such. For me, their wavy movements is like watching a dryer spin clothes or a fire crackle. I could watch for hours. Just to see a tandem bike is unusual, but to see THIS on the back of a tandem bike with no arms and having just the most fun - well, I loved it.

Those are my two favorite moments from this past Halloween - what are yours?


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