I think we almost become blind to the thousands of signs on the side of the road. But I pass this one every day and cannot for the life of me figure it out.


It's in the stack of all the others. So many others. State races, local races, national races, referendums...they all blend together for one giant sea of blue and red. This sign is on Route One in Falmouth right after the Route 88 split. But what the heck does this sign even mean?


I know what you're thinking. What's in the lower left corner? Good question. Here it is blown up.


It might give a clue. It says it's owned by Mainers for National Security. That doesn't help me figure it out...does it help you? Maybe I'm just way behind the times. Maybe this is easy.

I think WW is Wonder Woman. The 'S' is obviously Superman. But the VF? I googled what superhero has VF as initials and the only thing that came up was VF as a description of a comic book. It means very fine. As in, the comic book is in VF condition. Wait, could it mean voter fraud?

It's driving me crazy and I have less than a week to figure it out - help!



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