During the coronavirus pandemic, face masks have become almost as much of a hot commodity as toilet paper. Unlike toilet paper though, there's a do-it-yourself alternative that has gone viral on social media that lets you turn an old sock into a face mask. Does it work though? I gave it a try.

Here's the viral GIF making the rounds that shows a woman making a few folds and cuts to an old sock with a pair of scissors which results in a perfectly fitting fabric mask.



Seems simple enough right? Time for a very uncrafty man to give it a try.

So let's recap here and see if we can figure out what went wrong.

1. I think my sock was too long. I should try it again with a shorter sock like hers.

2. My scissors suck. Look at this random hole they made while I was trying to cut.

Townsquare Media

3. I have no patience. This is like watching someone show you in just two seconds, how to solve for x in the equation 4x+2=2x+12 and I suck at math too.

Maybe Lori and Brittany can figure this out for me.