Ben Martin of Lewiston is a Miami Dolphins fan so he had a pretty bad weekend when the New England Patriots destroyed them 43-0.

It only got worse when he had to make good on his bet and go out on his front door step shouting to the neighbors that Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T.

In case you missed the game and to rub a little more salt in the Ben's wound, here are some of the highlights. Lowlights if you're a Dolphins fan.

On Friday we made a bet with Ben that the Patriots would beat the Dolphins. If the Pats lost, we would make it Dan Marino day on the Q Morning Show. If they won, Ben would have to go outside his house and yell to the neighborhood, "Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T.," and make goat sounds.

Ben's neighbors were pretty excited about this and even provided him with a megaphone. His wife captured the humiliating moment on video and shared it with us.

Sorry, Ben. Maybe your Dolphins will have better luck next week against the Cowboys. Two teams that have yet to win a Super Bowl this millennium.

Next week, the Patriots play the Jets so we'll be looking for a Jets fan to take the same bet on Friday. We know there are crazy Jets fans here in Maine.

Are you willing to make the wager? Listen to the Q Morning Show Friday morning.

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