Do you want to answer the question or take the physical challenge? If you know what those words mean, you grew up watching Double Dare on Nickelodeon. This week Nickelodeon announced that is reviving the classic game show with all the super, sloppy mess is is know for. But, did a Maine talk show get the scoop on the revival almost a year ago?

Danny Cashman, host of The Nite Show, is a huge fan of Double Dare and has had host Marc Summers on his show several times. After the announcement by Nickelodeon this week on Double Dare's return, The Nite Show posted this clip from their show with Marc Summers as a guest almost a year ago where Marc flat out said they're working on bringing Double Dare back.


Marc called it and it happened. Double Dare returns this summer.



Want to feel like a kid again? Nickelodeon is priming the hype machine, and released a full episode of the original Double Dare on their YouTube channel. Look how young Marc looks!



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