This year saw numerous events canceled due to COVID-19, leaving the summer absent of many staple activities Mainers and tourists alike would regularly attend.

And certainly, while many were hoping for a fun time of great summer weather, delicious lobster, a big parade and more at the Maine Lobster Festival, the idea of bringing over 30,000 people to one Rockland spot just didn't seem like the safest play. And so in April, it, too, was canceled.

Well, fear not because if all things go well, the Maine Lobster Festival is planning on coming back for 2021.

In a Tuesday Facebook post, the lobster festival reiterated the event's new date as August 4-8, 2021.

They had technically jumped on the idea of the date way back when things were canceled in a follow-up Facebook cover post after the 2020 cancelation, but as of December, they still seem pretty confident in the festival's return at their new date.

Sure, things could change again next summer, and we may be forced to deal with a similar situation to 2020, but let's go glass half full, shall we?

After all, any possibility of a vaccine last spring was just positive thinking, and now in December 2020, there are multiple companies with vaccine candidates.

So for now, let's keep our fingers crossed and start thinking about how much fun we will be having at the 74th annual Maine Lobster Festival.

That means getting ready for all those cooking demonstrations, the Maine Sea Goddess Coronation, the various races, the wine and beer tasting, the arts and crafts, and yes, like even the Facebook post makes sure to highlight, the Maine lobster.

Seriously, there's nothing quite like having a Maine lobster whether you're a native or just visiting.

Who else is hungry?

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