We don't even know how to convince you to watch this video, other than to tell you that sometimes you just need to trust us. Someone created a video mashup of Earl Sinclair from Dinosaurs — the 90s ABC family sitcom starring dinosaur puppets — rapping the entirety of Notorious B.I.G.'s ‘Hypnotize’. Yes, we realize this makes no sense, but it's perfect.

Amateur video editor Benjamin Roberts posted the video to Reddit with the following note:

On holidays from work, and with my family out of town, I dedicated three full days to creating the best mashup I could think of. Behold.

And so, we now have this video of a giant dinosaur puppet rapping Biggie Smalls, which somehow completely works.

Dinosaurs ran from April 26, 1991 to July 20, 1994 and was largely unappreciated in its time. Disney began working on the series, which was based on an idea by Jim Henson, in 1990 and despite a promising start following Full House on Friday nights, the series struggled when moved to Wednesdays. Not helping matters was the cost. The half-hour series reportedly cost $1.5 million per episode, more than the cost of most hour-long dramas at the time. It was canceled halfway through its fourth season, but has since found dedicated cult audience; clearly since someone spent their entire vacation creating this mashup.

The internet is filled with a lot of crap all clamoring for a little bit of your time, but this is completely worth the three minutes of your time. Watch now. Thank us later.

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