If you've voted before, you know the rush of excitement you get when you are handed your ballot and march into a booth to fill in those little bubbles. It's not a test, and yet your body reacts the same way. I still remember the first time I voted (in college, absentee from Idaho) and realized after leaving the voting booth that the ballot had a backside that I hadn't filled out.

The reason I didn't realize that ballot had a back was because I didn't study ahead of time. I still have a nagging guilt that I threw away my vote.

If you're registered to vote (and if you're not, it's super easy - you can check out how and when to register here) it;s useful to know what you'll be voting on before you find yourself beyond the curtain, pencil in hand.

You're in luck! Type in your address here and see what your ballot will look like on election day. Prep yourself for the best voting experience and that sweet sweet sticker!

Californians Vote In Special Election On Budget Ballot Measures
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