I had no idea you could break the law in so many different ways when parking in Portland, Maine.

If you have been to Portland, parking can be a tad challenging. I love Portland, so don't take this as a hate letter, more of an "Uh, I had no idea." I have been ticketed for an expired meter and feeding the meter. Those I know, but check out this list!

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Photo by Jackson Simmer on Unsplash
Photo by Jackson Simmer on Unsplash
  • Violation: Expired Meter - Fine: $20
  • Violation: No Parking on This Side of the Street - Fine: $35
  • Violation: Double Parking, Obstructing Traffic, or parking in a bike lane - Fine: $35
  • Violation: Parking in Hazardous Area - Fire Hydrant / Crosswalk - Fine: $40
  • Violation: Snow Removal or Plowing Area -Fine: $35
  • Violation: No Parking Bus Stop - Fine: $35
  • Violation: Blocking or Obstructing Driveway (On Complaint) - Fine: $35
  • Violation: Displaying Vehicle for Sale - Fine: $25
  • Violation: Washing, Greasing, or Repairing Such Vehicle Except for Repairs Necessitated by an Emergency - Fine: $25
  • Violation: Advertising Purposes - Fine: $25
  • Violation: Storage / Abandon Vehicle (10 Consecutive Days) - Fine: $25
  • Violation: Angle Parking Only - Fine: $25
  • Violation: Parking a Vehicle 20 Feet or More in Residential Area (November - March) - Fine: $25
  • Violation: Camper, Trailer, Boat, etc. Over 24 Hours in Any Seven Calendar Day Period - Fine: $25
  • Violation: Driver to Remain with Vehicle in Taxi Stand - Fine: $25
  • Violation: Non-EV parking at EV charging station or EV at charging station not plugged in - Fine: $35
  • Violation: Parking in Disabled Zone - Fine: $200
  • Violation: Other Violation - Code: B - Fine: $100 (no clue what this is)
  • Violation: Prolonged Parking - Includes Feeding Meter - Fine: $25
  • Violation: Overtime Parking in Time Zone (Green or Black Sign) - Fine: $15
  • Violation: No Parking Zone - Fine: $35
  • Violation: No Parking Between Signs - Fine: $35
  • Violation: No Parking Here to Corner - Fine: $35
  • Violation: No Parking Taxi Stand - Fine: $35
  • Violation: No Parking Intersection - Fine: $35
  • Violation: No Parking Sidewalk - Fine: $35
  • Violation: No Parking / Overtime / Commercial Vehicle Zone - Fine: $40
  • Violation: No Parking Against Traffic Flow - Fine: $35
  • Violation: Posted Emergency No Parking Zone - Fine: $35
  • Violation: No Parking More than 18 Inches from Curb - Fine: $35
  • Violation: No Stopping or Standing - Fine: $35
  • Violation: No Parking City Lot or Property (Permit Required) - No fine given
  • Violation: No Parking on Esplanade - Fine: $35
  • Violation: No Parking that Takes More Than One Space - Fine: $20
  • Violation: Interference with Enforcement - Fine: $500
Reddit via Colty31
Reddit via Colty31

There was one violation that recently got everyone in an uproar.

  • Violation: Unregistered Motor Vehicle - Fine: $35 (Only vehicles that are displaying expired registration stickers that are more than two months old will be given a ticket for this violation. If you register your vehicle within 30 days of receiving a violation, please call the Parking Office and your ticket will be voided).

That's a new parking violation that was recently added (last November 2023). But as you can see, if you take care of it within a month, they will forgive you.

This leads me to ask, how many parking violations have you broken? There are so many to choose from. For me, I'm at a whopping three. I've got 33 to go!

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