A former UMaine Black Bear and current linebacker for the Detroit Lions is in trouble.

Trevor Bates is being held at a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation after he allegedly punched a cop in the face during his arrest for skipping cab fare.

According to the Portland Press Herald, Bates was a former stand-out player on the UMaine Football team, and he's a native of Westbrook.

He allegedly punched a police officer in the face while he was being booked and fingerprinted for trying to jump cab fare at 3am at Laguardia Airport.

According to the New York Post, "O’Brien had to get three stitches in his left brow after 240-lb Lions outside linebacker Trevor Bates decked him inside the 115th Precinct station house..."

And the Press Herald paints an even more disturbing picture: "A fraternal organization that represents New York City police sergeants said officers who came to the sergeant’s aid tried to use a Taser on Bates, but he ripped the prongs out."

Hopefully Trevor Bates will pull his act together and get the help that he needs.

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