The Portland Company Complex at 58 Fore Street is getting a lot of local press lately with the debate surrounding Question 2. It's also the site of our Spirit of Portland Halloween Party, so I teamed up with Instagram Photographer @aabbyylou to explore the space and uncover pieces of the Portland Company's history.

Property Manager Tim Grover led us through the complex's many buildings, sharing stories of the industries that flourished there in the late 1800s and early 1900s. We uncovered abandoned spaces, charred by fire, still furnished with original drafting tables and blue prints.

The building creaked and shifted beneath us. It's hard not to feel a little spooked while walking the halls with just a small flashlight to lead our path. All spookiness aside, the history was overwhelming. I could imagine the engineers, scientists, and other industry workers churning away at their designs, working to improve their craft. I felt like I had stepped into the past. The only thing bringing me back to reality was the soft whoosh of cars passing outside.

See what we uncovered in the video and photos above. Come see the Portland Company Complex space with your own eyes this weekend at the Spirit of Portland Halloween Party. All the spooky details are below.



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