Welcome to the future, where going camping does have to mean getting your hands dirty! 

The world of 'Glamping' has been making it's way here in the US for a few years now an it has finally made it to Maine. So, what is 'Glamping'? Well, some of you my be down right furious when I tell you. Because being a 'Mainah' means getting out in the wilderness and becoming one with nature. It's about cussing while you are trying to put up a tent, lugging all your stuff out, getting your hands dirty, and sitting around a fire with some beers and friends/family. 'Glamping' how ever is the extreme opposite of that. It is kinda like going to an outdoor hotel with no fuss. You so up and the tent is all set up with luxury and comfort. There is usually a big fluffy bed inside, electricity, a bathroom, and some have air conditioning. So if you dare to take a beautiful, relaxing camping trip in Maine, then do some 'Glamping' at Sandy Pines Campground in Kennebunkport. Rentals very from extremely fancy to somewhat fancy. And, as you can imagine, the extremely fancy can cost a pretty penny. But hey, it's for for the 'Glamping' experience!

Check out just how gorgeous the 'Glamping' tents are and ask yourself:

Would you try 'Glamping'? 

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