This week I was joined by not one.. but two different High School Cheering Squads. A big thank you to both Falmouth and Biddeford. First on Wednesday night, the Falmouth Cheerleaders tumbled in to co-host the Interactive 8 at 8 Countdown with me. This was really cool not only because they're a great group of gals, but because this is the first Falmouth squad since the 1980's! Huge congratulations to them. Then on Thursday night, the Varsity Cheerleaders from Biddeford stopped by. We talked embarrassing stories, sang our hearts out to "One Direction" and had a pretty epic dance party too. Here are a few photos and videos from from this week.

Falmouth Selfie

Falmouth Cheers For The Q

Biddeford Varsity Cheerleaders

Nobody can Drag us Down

Next week I'll be hanging with the Greely & Portland Squads. Stay tuned homie, Thanks for reading - @yafavhomiejr

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