As part of a redesign of Canal Plaza a few years ago a new, oddly shaped building was added to the plaza and has stood vacant. Now though, we know what new tenant is preparing to fill that space.

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Where trees used to stand, a building shaped like a guitar pick was built in the fall of 2017. It's not a lot of space though and until now, no one wanted to seem to bite on the location for opening up shop.

The windows facing Middle Street were recently filled with signage showing what is coming soon.

Townsquare Media

This national chain is perfectly Portland. Copper Branch is a vegan fast-food chain based out of Canada that has recently begun to expand to the United States with Portland being the third planned location in the country.

Everything served is 100% organic and plant based, so if you like that sort of thing, this will be great for you. After taking a look at the menu, I'll pass. So much for my dream of a Steak n Shake opening up here.

We're not sure when Copper Branch will open, but keep your eye on this spot vegans. I'll meet my friends down the street at Five Guys.