Normally, we'd get excited about "Christmas In July", but this event is exactly the opposite. It's more like July during Christmas, and it's such a unique twist on winter activities.

Where are the Maine fireworks this December?

The pretty rockets shoot off from Falmouth. More specifically, this annual winter event called "Very Merry Falmouth" will launch from Legion Field right along Route 1.

When does Very Merry Falmouth begin and end?

According to the town of Falmouth's Facebook page, the fun begins on November 30 and goes until December 2.
The first question we always ask ourselves on the way to any firework show is "where is the best spot to view the show?"
I'll just say this. A pregame before the fireworks is never a bad idea. And it may be a good idea to watch them from the American Legion Parking Lot, where a pre AND post "Mix & Mingle" party is happening as a part of the event.
From everything I've seen on fliers and their itinerary at, there's going to be free hot chocolate, music, and activities for the kids. Did I mention it's FREE? So fun.
Here's the address: American Legion Post #164, 65 Depot RoadIf you're looking to do something kind this holiday season to give back, you can also become a volunteer at either this event, or others that you can choose from by clicking here.

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