Amid all COVID 19 things that are happening, bad news, rumors of vaccines, work disruptions. Real-life is still going on, and certain duties have to be carried out. That is why the yearly distribution of flags at the gravesite of veterans continues in towns like Lewiston.  The News Center Maine team reported today that Volunteers following the proper protocol for social distancing placed flags at St. Peter's Cemetary. 

"It's just a gorgeous day, and it's a gorgeous cause, and if you look around and see all those flags waving over the cemetery, it makes you feel good...[b]ut I know what sacrifices these people have made. They've given their lives for us." said Joyce Richmond, a member of the Lewiston & Auburn Veterans Council.

This is definitely a sign that people have not wholly lost focus or clarity, in a time and place where one could easily do so. The important things have not been ignored, Thank you to our troops and those you volunteer to honor them. 

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