Ben is an MBA student at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and when Covid hit, his world changed. Just like all of ours.

According the the Portland Press Herald, when the world shut down, it cancelled a pizza party he was going to have. What to do with the 16 pizzas? He knew one thing, he didn't want to eat them all.

So he rigged up a pully system out of his window and lowered the pizzas to his friends.

Then Covid got personal and took his grandma. That's when Ben decided to keep making pizzas for those around him in the neighborhood who were shut in. All he asked is that they make a donation to a couple of local charities that help those who are food insecure.

By the first week of January, he had raised 32,000 dollars! He got a boost when celebrity blogger talked about him. Now Ben has to hold a lottery to see which 20 lucky people get one of his creations.


Ben! Hurry up and graduate and come back to Maine, get a second floor apartment and start dropping pizzas here!



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