Tucker Carlson from Fox and Friends is blaming the Sun Journal for ruining his big plans!


According to the Sun Journal, Tucker Carlson wanted to have a Fox News studio in Bryant Pond, Maine.

Carlson has rented a small space in the basement of the town library where he can go on air without straying far from his vacation place on the lake. He wanted to have what he called 'the northernmost bureau of Fox News'. He wanted to buy the old town garage next door and change it into a studio and make it big enough to have a studio audience.

But that's when the pesky Sun Journal ruined everything! They publicized the fact that he was interested and that spoiled the plan.


Because it was publicized he says that Fox isn't going to leave $1 million worth of equipment in a small, studio in the middle of nowhere and everyone knows where it is!

The Sun Journal reports that Carlson says,

I’m kind of bitter about it. All it does is hurt me.


Yikes. He IS bitter even calling what the Sun Journal did a violation of his privacy.

Oh Tucker calm down. They are a newspaper...they report the news! You should know a little something about that.

But Tucker is still pretty upset. I'm not sure why he still couldn't do the plan - but he's killed it. He's spent a lot of time on Lake Christopher and loves the area so much he's got a plot in Lakeside Cemetery.

Okay, that's some commitment!

Stay tuned...I have a feeling this isn't the last we will hear of Tucker Carlson wanting to bring Fox News to Bryant Pond....

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